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Fear Factor

Some of you may recall the reality game/stunt show on NBC under the title, Fear Factor. The participants were presented with both physical and mental challenges, designed to inspire a degree of fear and uncertainty in the contestants.

The devil is hosting his own version of Fear Factor, and he wants you as a contestant.

What Fear Is Not

Fear, for our purposes, is not the emotion experienced in anticipation of some possible pain or danger (usually accompanied by a desire either to flee or to fight). This is best understood as “alarm.”

Fear is NOT the opposite of FAITH.

What Fear Really Is

To be afraid of, or to feel anxious about a possible situation or event. This is the hallmark of Biblical fear.


The pivotal word here is not fear itself, but the word “possible.” Because it is only a possibility it is not a reality. It is something we have created in our own imaginations.

Since the situation or event under consideration is not real, the very word, fear, becomes our benchmark.


And you are the one who has created the evidence currently under consideration.

A few Biblical examples of F.E.A.R. in action should suffice.

Genesis 3:8-10
Genesis 12:11-13
Genesis 26:7-8
Genesis 31:31
Matthew 14:25-26
Galatians 2:11-14

What Fear Does


Fear halts your natural progression in life. The thing feared becomes a field of quicksand that must be defeated.


Trauma: An emotional wound or shock...
...having long-lasting effects.

Focuses On The Problem

Keep in mind, the problem is self-created. You are the one who gave it form, shape, and life. Through the life you have given it, fear now draws all your attention and energy to it.

Separates From God

Fear needs to be fed or it will wither and die. The only way to care for and sustain is to remain parted from God.

How To Overcome Fear

It should be obvious that the means to overcome fear requires a change of venue.

You may no longer idolize your own creation, you must turn to God and worship and obey him.

If you are determined to focus on that which does not yet exist, then you must force yourself to focus on God’s word of promised victory. That victory, which is not yet manifested in your life, is temporarily withheld awaiting your bold, fearless confession of God’s promise.

But focusing on God’s word is not enough to quell the grip of fear. You must also act boldly, obediently, and decisively on God’s word.

Read of Gideon
Judges 7:7-23
Read about Paul
Acts 20:22-24

As a closing thought I leave you with this observation:
The words of encouragement found sixteen (16) times in the Old Testament are, “Be of good courage.” That phrase never once occurs in the New Testament. However, the New Testament has its own words of encouragement and occurs eight (8) times, just half as much as the encouraging phrase in the Old Testament. But what the New Testament declares to us is “Be of good cheer.” That phrase never occurs in the Old Testament. The phrases are mutually exclusive, and for good reason.

Yeshua has now done the work. We do not need courage, only faith, and that is supposed to make us cheerful. We have no need to screw up our courage to “DO,” we need only believe the promises made to us and what has been done for us.

Fear not!
Richard-Wayne: Fry

Hebrews 2:10

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