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Fear Factor

Some of you may recall the reality game/stunt show on NBC under the title, Fear Factor. The participants were presented with both physical and mental challenges, designed to inspire a degree of fear and uncertainty in the contestants.

The devil is hosting his own version of Fear Factor, and he wants you as a contestant.


A Torch Without A Flame

It is not as socially acceptable to be a Christian as it once was. The “Ten Commandments” are being removed from public venues. Jesus, Christmas, and even God are becoming increasingly taboo. And it is certainly not PC to be a Christian owing to our radical (extremist) views on abortion and homosexuality. Christians are increasingly being looked upon as being domestic terrorists. Yet there are still those strong Christians who, despite the negative press and being ill spoken of, steadfastly and openly declare their love of Yeshua. Read More...
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Hebrews 2:10

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