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January 2014

Wait-A-Minute Vines

A couple of friends of mine served in the Vietnam conflict. They both tell stories of walking through the jungle only to be brought up short by a vine that had attached itself to them, bringing them to a complete halt. These vines were soon awarded the monicker of “wait-a-minute” vines because the one entangled in them invariably had to say, “wait a minute,” to get his buddies to stop for him. I have recently discovered the computerized equivalent of those infamous wait-a-minute vines.

Fear Factor

Some of you may recall the reality game/stunt show on NBC under the title, Fear Factor. The participants were presented with both physical and mental challenges, designed to inspire a degree of fear and uncertainty in the contestants.

The devil is hosting his own version of Fear Factor, and he wants you as a contestant.


Self Improvement

Today is the start of a New Year; a time to embrace change and betterment. It is the big day for many people to brace themselves and dive headlong into one or more of those infamous New Year’s Resolutions. However...
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