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Snow In Florida!

Snow In Florida
There are a number of two-word combinations that just do not go together. God & evil, Hillary & beautiful, flip-flops & stylish. Even though it is not at the top of the list, Florida & snow is right up there. Read More...

Wait-A-Minute Vines

A couple of friends of mine served in the Vietnam conflict. They both tell stories of walking through the jungle only to be brought up short by a vine that had attached itself to them, bringing them to a complete halt. These vines were soon awarded the monicker of “wait-a-minute” vines because the one entangled in them invariably had to say, “wait a minute,” to get his buddies to stop for him. I have recently discovered the computerized equivalent of those infamous wait-a-minute vines.

And Again With The Parables

While these posts may be entertaining, they are also meant to be much more. Perhaps I should have started with the definition of parable from the start. A parable is a story that illustrates or teaches a moral or spiritual lesson or principle. It is not the same as a fable, because fables utilize plants, animals, inanimate objects, and the like as characters, but parables have human characters. A parable is a type of analogy. Read More...

It Is all About The Marketing

I arrived in Pensacola, Florida in May of 2010. I had lived in Florida, in the Miami area, as a child back in the 50’s. I do not recall much about that other than being on the beach when it was windy and the sand stinging my face. It is not a good memory at all. However, my arrival in May of 2010, brought me face to face with one thing I have never encountered before... Read More...

Button, Button, My Kingdom For A Button

Granted, in the grand scheme of things, getting a button to work on the web page is rather insignificant when compared with, say, getting your first driver’s license or surviving a two-week visit by in-laws. But in my little corner of the world it ranks right up there with a bride-to-be waking up on her wedding day to discover a zit the size of an eighteen-wheeler parked in the middle of her forehead. Believe me, it is no small issue. Read More...

Casual Is Good

After struggling most of the day in an attempt to publish the few pages I have created, my efforts were at last rewarded with success. I have determined that this page is not going to be a lot of formal teaching. I want this page to be more relaxed and casual, like two friends talking over a cup of coffee or tea. That concept is much more in keeping with the theme of down-home parables.

Please do not expect too much from me at first. I still have a plethora of pages to build and content to decide upon. For now, I will post when I can and try to make them meaningful for both our sakes.

Getting My Feet Wet

This is going to be a completely new experience for me. I am basically a private man, a home body; but that no man is an island is becoming increasingly obvious to me. The solution, at least in part, seems to be via the utilization of a blog page.
There is an old saying, “There is a vast difference between a man who has something to say, and a man who has to say something.” I like to think of myself in the former category. As a rule, even though I have something to say, I am blessed with the wisdom not to say all of it. So, if you come here expecting to get all of what I have to say, you are going to be disappointed. However, if you come here to see what the Lord has inspired in me, or what I have read in a book, or heard on the street then come, pull up a chair, make yourself comfortable, and read on.

Why Down-home Parables

Down-home Parables may seem like a strange name for a blog page, but there is a perfectly sound reason for it. Several years ago, a friend of mine overheard me speaking to someone over the phone. I was giving Scriptural counsel couched in a somewhat more modern presentation. When the phone conversation ended Bernie said to me, “That was really very good. You should write a book and call it, ‘Down-home Parables.’”

Bernie has since gone on to be with the Lord, but I have not forgotten his advice. Though I do not plan to write that book, I still give out that caliber of counsel and advice. Therefore, everything I post on this blog page will first be dedicated to Yeshua and secondly to Bernie.
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