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Dogs — Our Examples For Better Relationships

I currently have two dogs, Sadie and Phoebe. Sadie is a Shih-tzu, and Phoebe is a Yorkie-poo. Sadie likes to just cuddle and soak up the goodness found in people. Phoebe, however, is still puppy-like in both attitude and actions. Phoebe is not much on cuddling up because that is such a serious waste of time; she would much rather play and give kisses. But my two dogs, like most any other dog, are much more than ego boosters.
Cats are not the way to go if you need a lesson in relationships. Cats treat you like they are doing you a favor just being there. They would just as soon scrape you off their paws as look at you. This attitude is not a relationship builder. Dogs on the other hand consider it the high point of their day if you even look at them.

When it comes right down to it, dogs are the perfect example of how we, as people, should relate to God. Their enthusiasm is compelling, their loyalty is undeniable. When I come home from running errands, the two dogs want nothing more than to spend time with me. They want me to talk to them, pet them, toss their toys around. They want to show their appreciation for me just being there with them.

When I observe behavior like that, it makes me stop and think about how I have been relating to God. Have I been eager to spend time with him? Have I wanted to have God talk to me. Have I shown him how much I appreciate his just being there? Sometimes my dogs put me to shame in that regard. They sometimes relate and react better to their master than I do mine. So when I see them jumping up and down in my presence, when their little tails are wagging without stop, I make sure my attitude is in check with my heavenly Father. After all, 83 million dogs cannot be wrong.

I need to go wag my tail for God now.
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Hebrews 2:10

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