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Getting My Feet Wet

This is going to be a completely new experience for me. I am basically a private man, a home body; but that no man is an island is becoming increasingly obvious to me. The solution, at least in part, seems to be via the utilization of a blog page.
There is an old saying, “There is a vast difference between a man who has something to say, and a man who has to say something.” I like to think of myself in the former category. As a rule, even though I have something to say, I am blessed with the wisdom not to say all of it. So, if you come here expecting to get all of what I have to say, you are going to be disappointed. However, if you come here to see what the Lord has inspired in me, or what I have read in a book, or heard on the street then come, pull up a chair, make yourself comfortable, and read on.
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Hebrews 2:10

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