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Wait-A-Minute Vines

A couple of friends of mine served in the Vietnam conflict. They both tell stories of walking through the jungle only to be brought up short by a vine that had attached itself to them, bringing them to a complete halt. These vines were soon awarded the monicker of “wait-a-minute” vines because the one entangled in them invariably had to say, “wait a minute,” to get his buddies to stop for him. I have recently discovered the computerized equivalent of those infamous wait-a-minute vines.

The Universe has a way of keeping things in balance. Modern physics describes gravity by Einstein’s general theory of relativity. That theory asserts that the phenomenon of gravitation is a consequence of the curvature of space-time. It is the curvature of space-time that is the computerized equivalent of the wait-a-mints vine.

Space But No Time

I find myself with all kinds of space for writing blogs, sermons, teachings, emails, newsletters, etc., etc., etc. But what I have run desperately short on is time. As I sit here with so much to say, I find that space has folded itself in upon me, which robs me of the time to fill the space with any meaningful words.

I started a Newsletter (bi-monthly) that I just got out on January 13. I am very involved in teaching the Book of Romans and getting the Index ready for publication. So with reading the Bible for myself, prayer, cooking dinner, blah, blah, blah, I feel like I have been set upon by an entire forest of wait-a-minute vines.

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