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Wait-A-Minute Vines

A couple of friends of mine served in the Vietnam conflict. They both tell stories of walking through the jungle only to be brought up short by a vine that had attached itself to them, bringing them to a complete halt. These vines were soon awarded the monicker of “wait-a-minute” vines because the one entangled in them invariably had to say, “wait a minute,” to get his buddies to stop for him. I have recently discovered the computerized equivalent of those infamous wait-a-minute vines.

Book of Romans

A Shameless Plug...
... for the upcoming teaching on the Book of Romans.

Beginning Sunday, January 5, 2014, from 6-7 p.m. we are going to teach the entire Book of Romans on a verse-by-verse basis.

Here is a short excerpt from the notes on Romans:

The Gospel presents a method of justification very different from that of the law. The Jews could not embrace a doctrine which appeared to them to be not only novel, but also contrary to their prejudices.

Additionally, they (the Jews) found themselves in possession of the covenant of God, to the exclusion of all other nations.

They could not endure Apostles calling the Gentiles to the knowledge of the true God, and to the hope of his salvation, nor
That the Jews had lost their exclusive preeminence over the nations.

Email us for information on how to listen in and get notes for the series.
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