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Christmas Myths & Facts

There are a number of Christmas quizzes, games, and such that people may participate in online. Quizzes dealing with the words of carols, games about cartoon adaptations of the Christmas story. But there are few online venues where you can have your understanding challenged regarding the Bible version of The Christmas Story.

Life Lesson From A Battery

Yesterday my darling wife was going to run a few errands before she started work on a Christmas project she has going. She went out to the garage only to return a few minutes later with the unfortunate news that the car battery was dead.

I went out to the garage to survey the situation. I looked in one of the cells of the battery and there was no reaction taking place. Not a definitive sign by any means, but not good either. I went over to my tools and grabbed an old pair of pliers to span the two terminal on the battery. I barely get a spark, which is a sure sign the battery is kaflooey.
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